Blair + Kalene

Blair and Kalene's steam punk-slash-vintage fair was unlike any wedding I have ever been part of. This incredible event was masterfully decorated by the talented Yuriko over at Vintage Origami Weddings and had everything. There were fair games, such as Duck Hunt and a Hawkeye inspired archery game, tons of cotton-candy, ceremonial swords, midnight homemade pie and ice cream, glow in the dark ties and scarves, vintage EVERYTHING, unreal food, and so much more.  

Blair and Kalene share such a special love for each other.  They are the kindest people you were ever meet, and they are so obviously madly in love with each other, as you can see in this video!

Feel free to check out the list of amazing and talented vendors who worked on this wedding here

Tim + Sarah

August 13th 2016 started with Sarah spending some quality time with her bridesmaids in one house, while Tim and his groomsmen practiced their dives and swimming techniques in preparation for Tokyo 2020.  I had the opportunity of spending time with an amazing couple and also some unreal wedding vendors, too!  Please give some love to Lauren Elise Hair Design, Jenny Mckinney and Crocus Floral Design.  Also, spending the day with Royce Sihlis and Created Lovely is never a bad thing.  Some seriously talented people right there.  

Two words: first look.  I love the excitement on Tim's face as he's about to see his bride-to-be. The apple orchard was the perfect setting for these two!  We tried one of the apples but it was definitely not ripe.  From here, it was off to the lush wheat fields and rustic barn at Silver Sage Stables in Coldstream, BC.  I had the privilege of capturing two weddings this year at SSS and it's just the perfect venue for weddings.  If you're looking for a backyard, rustic farm atmosphere, this is your place.  

I love all of the little moments that Tim and Sarah shared in their vows to each other.  I especially love the story Sarah shares about them walking their favourite path and how those three little words 'I love you' were expressed.  

"I love you for all that you are, all that you have been, and all that you are yet to be."

Chad + Ashley

"Love is not built upon grand gestures along; but rather, upon the seemingly small things we do for each other, on a daily basis, without a second thought."

I really love this part of Chad and Ashley's vows.  It's the little things we do, out of love, that build on our relationships with those close to us, and to those who we may have met for the first time.  Be encouraged knowing that those small gestures are brightening someone's day!  

Ashley and Chad's wedding was a wonderful celebration of their love, which is so incredibly obvious.  I mean, from their heartfelt vows to the way they look and treat each other?  C'mon.  I also love that they met on the dance floor at Flashbacks (or Flashy's as the locals call it?).  Too good.  

Special shoutout to a seriously killer dance floor provided by DJ Les, a beautiful venue up at Hillcrest Farms overlooking the city, lake and mountains. Also, so honoured to have worked with English Rose Weddings for the first time and to jot down another wedding with the talented Karla Rosalin.

Thanks Ashley and Chad for having me!  Please enjoy this highlight of their wedding!


As difficult as it is for the morning people, waking up before the sun is kind of refreshing.  This morning I had the opportunity to film a morning-in-the-life for Rachel Doell over at Daily Routine Fitness.  As a mother of three, her mornings start a little earlier than mine, which typically start by dragging myself from my bed to the kitchen for coffee.   We ventured out in a brand new Ford Escape and chatted about life in the rainy city and life in general, while filming some fitness routines at various locations.  Even though it was so rainy, we got some really cool shots and I cannot wait to share this project with everyone!